This football game is sucking.

Really glad we came home from tailgating.

Umm..I just did some mortgage calculations (big kid status) and realized that we’ll pay roughly $216,000 in interest (at a 4% rate) over the lifetime of our 30-year mortgage.

That would buy you an entire, new, really nice house.

I’m gonna go ahead and let everyone know right now that I will be wearing white after Labor Day.

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How I can tell that it’s gameday in Cola:

  1. I didn’t need earbuds on my walk to the office; instead I moved to the beat of the Gamecock marching band.
  3. Traffic in general. Especially around the stadium.
  4. Jewelry warehouse stickers
  5. I’m wearing my favorite garnet top
  6. Schools are letting out at noon because game is at six and they don’t want the buses to be in tailgate traffic
  7. Listening to the radio and it’s unavoidable
  8. I’ve gotten at least 5 texts before 9am asking when I’m getting to our tailgate.

Go Cocks! Beat A&M!

It’s been a long week. I’d much rather be having sundowners at the roundhouse. #capetown #honeymoonmemories

It’s been a long week. I’d much rather be having sundowners at the roundhouse. #capetown #honeymoonmemories

Our walls are beginning to look more wall-like.

Our walls are beginning to look more wall-like.

That time you realize that you spent two weeks camped out at, bathing, and swimming in a lake that contained 3 dead bodies.



I am sorry…but who uses their fingers to stir their drink/is putting their fingers in their drinks?

I might just be extra proud because they’re students at one of my alma maters but I was actually just getting ready to post about this because I feel like it’s a good idea.

Obviously most people don’t routinely stir their drinks with a finger but it would be a viable option if you were out somewhere and had any kind of ooky feeling or inkling that your drink may have been tampered with.

I don’t wanna get into a whole thing about how sad it is that we even need this type of product, but my thought is that if this or any other thing like it can help women protect themselves then it’s all the better.

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For the record - I love this idea.


The best husbands video tape you doing body pump tracks in the living room.

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