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Actually glad I came in on a Friday

With my work schedule I have every other Friday off. I should be off today, but came in for a half-day so that I can take next Friday afternoon off to potentially go to the beach.

Anyways, I came in and found my annual performance appraisal and I got an outstanding. Which is pretty legit since I’ve never gotten one (always exceeds expectations). And a bonus.

I also came in to do a once-over of a powerpoint that’s supposed to be 45 minutes to find out that my co-workers finalized it and its 42 slides. Perfect, y’all.

Kitchen/den. Can’t you tell?

Kitchen/den. Can’t you tell?

- I’m in training all week in a basement and have no cell service. It’s been tragic, but I do enjoy the class.
- our house is all framed out!!! I took a video tour of it tonight and it’s making me excited
- I made fresh spinach pesto and roasted baby portabellas. These don’t go together. So I ate leftover eggplant parm with mushrooms. #random
- what do I do with all of this pesto??
- we have an awesome weekend planned. My MIL hasn’t ever been here (only 4 hours, but she doesn’t drive on the interstate. We finally convinced her that the back roads are super easy) and it’s going to be fun to show her around. My coworker is having the office to her lake house with BBQ and a keg on Saturday which should be a blast.
- I really love my dog, but she’s so terrible with: lots of other dogs, most men, all children. Bless her heart I just wish she weren’t so anxious because she is the sweetest to me and my husband.


Alternatively titled: Trudging through Utah’s zany (insane?) liquor laws. 

While you’re at it, this is hilarious. And it’s making me hungry (found via Jordan).

This had a huge (read was the reason why) impact on my decision to kindly reject my job offers in SLC.

"We ate well and cheaply and drank well and cheaply and slept well and warm together and loved each other."

— Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast  (via pushingpulls)

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Unrelated photos!!
Progress on the house renovation, been focusing on my biceps & I’m pleased with the results so far, our fresh peaches were reaching the end of their service life so they’re now fresh peach cobbler.

Thing that took a lot of effort, but was worth it.

Baked eggplant parm.

Slice the eggplant
Put in a bowl and cover in salt for 20 minutes
Rinse with cold water & pay dry
Dip eggplant slices in egg wash and then seasoned breadcrumbs
Bake at 400 for 10 minutes per side
Layer a baking dish with baked eggplants, spaghetti sauce (I used leftovers of my dad’s recipe from the freezer), and shredded mozz. I did two layers then another of eggplants and cheese.
Bake at 350 for 30 mins

It was a lot more effort/time than I anticipated, but the husband loved it (and he wasn’t home until it was done anyways) & he was SUPER apprehensive about eggplant.

10/10 will make again.

Le Menu

The main reason I wanted to join a CSA was to challenge myself with recipes and cooking with new items. For the next 8 (or 10, I can’t remember?) weeks, it’s veggie overload! (CSA ingredients in italics)

Monday - healthy eggplant parm with kale & microgreen salad

Tuesday - spinach pesto baked chicken with long beans

Wednesday - sausage and rice stuffed peppers with roasted baby bellas

Thursday - pork chops with whatever veg from this week’s CSA looks good

Friday - MIL in town!!

((lest you think we got a lame CSA - though it’s only a half share - last week we consumed the squash and zucchini and half of the kale/microgreens…oh, and there were tomatoes that will be used in salads and also the peppers))

(((in addition to the CSA, we went to a peach festival and got half a bushel of peaches with which I’m making peach cobbler tonight))


I got a text today from my best friend down here saying that she drove by the new house and there were a bunch of topless men out front.

It’s nice that we have friends who think about us enough to randomly drive by our construction site.